Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Which Restaurant Towel Should I Buy?

When looking for a good quality wholesale kitchen towel there are a few points to consider.  Let's take a brief look.

Most kitchen towel needs are separated by location the towel is being used.  For the front of the house a good absorbing low-lint towel is generally required such as a herringbone towel or microfiber towel.  In the back of the house where heat and grease are more of a challenge a bar mop in either ribbed or terry style is needed.  This is an important distinction to make and insures maximum life and performance of your towel.

Obviously a towel is used for absorbing purposes. 100% cotton towels will absorb better than towels made of a cotton/blend.  Generally a towel that is heavier will absorb better as well.  Notice, I didn't say thicker, but heavier.  Thicker terry bar mops may appear higher quality out of the package, but with their looser weave comes more chances to leave lint behind as well as a shorter life span.

One final note, with wine servings being very popular in most restaurants today there are even towels made specifically for drying glassware that are made of 100% microfiber and are lint free.

Whatever towel you choose to buy make sure you consider the application and area of the restaurant that the towel is being used in first.


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