Thursday, October 24, 2013

Microfiber Towels - Points To Consider

The last several years has seen a surge in the popularity of microfiber towels.  I would never of believed that so many different styles, colors, sizes, and weights would have been introduced to the market the last 10 years.  The selection is enormous.

There are microfiber towels designed for wiping, dusting, and low lint applications.  Microfiber towels, often called the "magic towel", have a much better chance of living up to their claims when used correctly.

Keep these points in mind when considering your purchase of microfiber towels:

  • Heat will melt microfiber, and the person's hand holding the towel.  It is not a towel to be used in hot areas of a kitchen.
  • Microfiber towels will last considerably longer than a cotton towel but at some point they do wear out. Using the towel past their effective life will reduce performance.
  • Various sizes are available.  If the towel is needed primarily as an absorbing and wiping towel consider using a larger size.  Microfiber is very absorbent and if using a towel that is too small more towels can be used than anticipated.  
  • If loss and abuse of towels are considerable, a cotton towel makes more sense as it costs less to replace.


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